A better way to live starts here.




                                       The wind is free,the sun is free, man kind was born free.

We believe that the knowledge to make your own choice on how to live should be free as well. We will be covering various ways to survive and be happy with out having to take from others but rather makes life better for all.

 Please search and enjoy these video's. you will find that there is another way to build homes and do construction "other" than that of what you are use to.

allow us to introduce you to the method of construction known as "EARTHSHIP."


   Here in this site we will show you a way to build that is better for you, the earth,

and your wallet.

 This type of home can provide your water without being hooked to the city water pipes or wells, can provide you with electric without being connected to the grid power lines, can dispose of its own sewage, without being connected to any city sewer lines, can provide you with food year round even in the middle of winter.


  All this with an "annual"  utility bill at the end of the year that totals $150 dollars or less for all utilities combined. (power, water, electric, gas, sewage.)


              If you haven't caught on yet you will. Just watch these video's here.


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